Having planned every detail of my own wedding (as the photos show), I know how daunting the process may seem.  When it’s broken down into categories and steps and is organized thoughtfully, it becomes far more enjoyable and much easier to pull off.  

I was my own wedding planner. We saved a ton of money  but only after logging hours and hours of research.  I learned exactly what it takes to pull off a budget wedding and I can show you every step.

At times, planning can bring up emotions, boundaries and challenges you’d never anticipate.  I’m here to help navigate those moments, too.

Planning your wedding can be thrilling, exciting and unbelievably fulfilling. You and your partner can create your own traditions. There are no rules.  It’s all up to you!


Justin Lee Photography“Allison’s vision was clear from the start of our work together.  She is highly creative and has an eye for what’s modern and practical.  She communicated clearly from beginning to end and while organizing an entire wedding stayed positive and present. 

I recommend her to any couple looking for support.” 

Justin Lee Photography – Editorial & Wedding Photographer

“You grounded me when no one else could. I felt like I was truly present. Thank you!”  Sarah

 “My sister spent twice as much on her wedding and look at what we did! Thank you for the inspiration, guidance, love, and support. You’re a rock star!”     Kelley



If you would like support for anything that comes up during the process, whether it be family dynamics, stress management, difficult decision making, or anything else you and your partner may need, this package is made with you in mind!

  • A complimentary 30 minute phone call where we can discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit.
  • Tools, timelines and reminders for DIY weddings.
  • 10 30 minute sessions and e-mail support between sessions.
  • Tools for becoming centered and present so you can take in every moment of your wedding.
  • supportive ear from someone who’s been there.
  • Someone who will support your vision 100% and keep you on track so we can celebrate you pulling off your amazing event without a hitch!
  • A special gift for your wedding day.
  • OPTIONAL: $50 for Allison to remain on-call the day of your wedding.


If on-call, I will be on standby ready to take your call. Together we will quickly work through anything you might need and get you centered and present for your day. I bill 10 minutes at a time which allows us to talk for as little or as much as you need. 10 minutes? 30 minutes?

I’ll be here, ready to help.

Please note that I value the relationship you will have with your planner. My job will always include respecting the expertise of your planner and never stepping on his or her toes.